let's get to know each other a bit...

I am an art lover, I believe in human kindness and stopping time to capture your special moments is my super power.



Get to Know me...

Hi! My name is Blanka Thomas. I am a technically trained artist, a passionate creator, wife and a mother to a beautiful dancer. I am from Surprise, AZ, although I often travel throughout the state as well as California. My life is a constant visual circus of movement and imagery. I bring all of that into my passion for photography. Most days you can find me drinking coffee, which is the nectar of life if you ask me, reading about photography (of course) or a cheesy romance novels (my guilty pleasure), playing with my pups or if I have time catching up on my favorite tv show, all in comfort of my yoga pants. I think yoga pants are life, as my seventeen year old daughter would say.


I was born and raised in Czech republic and met my husband in Germany where he was stationed with United States Air Force. We traveled part of the world together, exploring different cultures and styles. I knew I love art and everything about it at very young age, but it wasn't until I was much older that I discovery that photography is my absolute favorite. I have BA in Graphic Design from Art Institute and I love design. One of my classes at the Art Institute was photography, and I was instantly hooked. I began photographing the life around me, mostly my daughter and my friends with their families. Fast forward 5 years through endless shooting and more falling in love with photography and here I am, professional photographer who loves what she does.


Our family of three traveled from Germany to New Mexico, Turkey, back to Germany, until we settled here in Arizona. I absolutely love different cultures and customs. Even though we were blissfully busy exploring the world, the one thing we did not do was taken the time to have our family portraits taken. I have tons of print and digital images taken ether on my phone or small digital camera, but none of them would be large canvas print or gorgeous coffee table book worthy. I cannot even tell you how sad that makes me. Yes I do remember the lost of the first baby tooth, the time before there are high school dances and dates, the time before they are off to college and tackling adulthood. In my case that is very soon, since my daughter is a High School senior. Those unforgettable moments when your love give you the sweetest kiss and whisper in your ear how much they love you and you feel those butterflies just explode in your belly. I have those memories in my mind and my heart, but none of them captured. None of them displayed in my home for me to walk by and smile as I remember those special fleeing moments.


Once I became a photographer, I promised to myself that I will not have my clients feeling the way I do. In all of my sessions I channel my super power and stop time, so you can relive those moments over and over. I want you to have those amazing family heirlooms, that you can share with your children and pass them down to generations to come.


Don’t let those unforgettable moments passed you by, lets create timeless art together! Click below to learn more about my style and the charming experience